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Amazing India Couture Week 2022 show for Rahul Mishra by Daniel Bauer Academy
Amazing India Couture Week 2022 show for Rahul Mishra by Daniel Bauer Academy

After two long years of virtually appreciating collections and owing it to the digital platforms, FDCI’s India Couture Week is back in 2022 celebrating it’s 15th anniversary, and we’re all here for it. Daniel Bauer academy lead the makeup and hair team for the fashion show, and we’re all so grateful to provide such opportunities to our beloved students.

Just a few weeks before the india couture week 2022, Rahul Mishra showcased his collection, ‘tree of life’ at the Paris haute couture week 2022. And now, we had the dream come true of not only witnessing his beautiful collection, but also work with him again on his latest collection at the runway. It is always a pleasure for Daniel Bauer Academy students to be working with Rahul Mishra for all his campaigns and fashion shows.

Everything from the venue, at the Embassy of France, to the outfits was so poetic. Daniel Bauer Academy’s team had around 30 makeup and hair artists, all of which have been, or are currently our students and its nothing less than a blessing to have our students come experience what it takes to work with the topmost designers, on the most prestigious fashion shows of India. We’re regarded as the best makeup academy in Asia mainly because of the student support and placements we offer after giving them a state-of-the- art training in both makeup and hair.

Rahul Mishra’s collection “tree of life’ were some of the best outfits we have ever worked with. The makeup brief was to have a very clean dewy skin finish with beautifully contoured eyes, and flicked eyelashes and some French-style eyeliner. All the models had to have a beautiful blushed face with peachy nude lips. Our students did a great job. We are so proud of Daniel Bauer Academy students!

For most of our students, this was their first backstage runway experience, and we saw how they overcame the challenges that came their way, and came out of their comfort zone. They learnt how to work under pressure which helped them gain so much self confidence. Having good self esteem is very important for an artist, because it clearly reflects in your work.

The hair brief for this show, was poker straight hair with a centre parting for a few models, and a clean sleek bun with centre parting for the others. Though it looks really simple, its in fact of the difficult ones to do, as its very important to have that very clean shiny finish. With tough deadlines, our team was able to achieve all the given looks, and learn many new hairstyling techniques on the job. What a thrilling experience it was, to see our students get so used to the backstage shenanigans, like they were born to do this.

Our students really mastered the art of manipulating different textures of hair and prepping them correctly for every hairstyle described in the brief. They became confident than ever after this

show. We loved the work atmosphere backstage for this show. There was a great deal of learning!

This experience seemed to be an extraordinary yet fulfilling day for Daniel Bauer Academy students. We saw how they cherished all of their delightful backstage chaos, and developed so much self confidence and also honed their skills.

Rahul Mishra and his team of directors as well as all the models were so happy with their makeup and hairstyle, and we’re so grateful for that. Our students were brimming with appreciation for for this amazing experience we had to offer to them.

Since it was their 2nd day at the ICW’22, they looked a little less overwhelmed, and more confident to say the least. Our students were also so honoured to do Rahul Mishra’s makeup and hair and glam his wife too, for the show. Everyone was really happy with the work they did.

It feels nice to see our students communicate with models, build strong associations with them, make their models to feel safe and comfortable, all while staying focused on their job. We are certain that Daniel Bauer Academy students felt the pressure of delivering the best, however their previous encounters at the academy, and their confidence in the best learning pushed them along forward.

Thank you to team Rahul Mishra for having us work with all of you again. Our students and this academy will cherish these memories and learnings forever.