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Are you ready to start your own makeup and hair business in Bangalore?
Are you ready to start your own makeup and hair business in Bangalore?

We say ‘Namaskara’ in Bangalore the start up capital and now also the makeup and hair hub of India. As the New Year 2022 heightens the ante, this could be a business idea that could help you become a professional entrepreneur with the backing of the best makeup academy in Bangalore. We help you to discover your USP as an artist, develop your talent and hone your skills in this competitive industry.

After the huge success in Mumbai and New Delhi, the prestigious Daniel Bauer Academy opens its gilded and fashionable doors in Bangalore. Spaced out in 2,000 square feet area it offers the flagship ‘Artist Ready Course.’

Make this New Year resolution a motto:

“I shall become a successful makeup artist in India.”

Before enrolling in a professional Makeup Academy in Bangalore

The beauty industry is quite competitive and there is no doubt having an exclusive talent like makeup or hair styling can make you stand out in the crowd. By learning from the experts you can discover your niche and also have loyal clientele. However, the biggest challenge remains: which Makeup Academy in Bangalore should I choose to get the experience, knowledge, skills and placements?  To become an extremely successful makeup artist you need:

  1. Make up your mind to do independent business.
  2. Work smart and learn the tips and tricks from professionals in business.
  3. Attend live workshops and fashion related programs where artists are in demand.
  4. Communicate effectively with potential clients and collaborate with colleagues.
  5. Twin your talent with hair styling or any other beauty basics to leverage opportunities to earn more.
  6. Attend a reputed academy to get educated as a freelance artist or run a business.
  7. Use technology like social media and channels like Instagram to showcase your portfolio.

And, don’t forget to have an affable personality to attract people towards you and as for the rest, depend on Daniel Bauer’s Makeup School in Bangalore.

What will you learn with us?

We are designing the largest, most beautiful and technology advanced academy learning space in India. We will teach the basics and advanced makeup services with world class branded beauty products. Bangalore is a city with myriad cultures and is a destination for fashion shows and an ideal destination for weddings. You will learn to dress up your clients depending on their cultural preferences, study facial anatomy, textures and skin tones. As you become an all-rounder, hold your leather cache with techniques involving airbrushing, HD procedures. Use your skills for various occasions like Mahurathams, sangeet, reception, high profile parties, fashion and glamorous events.

Begin a new era of beauty and gorgeousness

Daniel Bauer Academy salutes the independent spirt in you. Once you enroll the advantages are multiple like:

Do you want heads to turn once your client is ready to make an entry? 2022 could be the stepping stone to a new avatar. Dial the most prolific and professional Best Makeup Academy in Bangalore.