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Student Career Story Profile
Student Career Story Profile

Name: Upasana Trikha Rai

Professional Course: 3-year Makeup Course

Location: Daniel Bauer Academy, New Delhi

Current Career: Full fledged television & fashion makeup artist in Mumbai

Daniel Bauer Academy provides the top professional makeup courses in India and is located across major metro cities like Bangalore, New Delhi and Mumbai. Upasana finished a 3-year professional makeup course and relives her experience and journey.

“I have found my passion to become a certified makeup artist thanks to the three years I have spent learning with the best in business. I believe everyone has a special talent and mine is to change the faces.”

Q: What made you join the Daniel Bauer Academy?

UTR: During the lockdown I was writing blogs on beauty products which I am passionate about. My friend suggested I take a professional course instead. Until then I was ‘trying to ski’ by watching videos. I searched online and found that Daniel Bauer Academy was already helping aspiring students wanting to become makeup artists. Although expensive, I thought this is where I can learn and earn. I liked the well-structured curriculum they have for teaching. The focus was purely on learning and not the contents in the vanity bag. Finally, my decision was made up to join. For me it was akin to learning and being skilled from the ‘Amitabh Bachchan’ of the makeup industry.

Q:Can you explain the teaching modalities in this academy?

UTR: As a newcomer, I was keen on grasping the method of creating winged eye liners and colored rainbow smoky eyes. But through the course the stress was on finding stability in learning the basics. Now I know that once you learn the basic methods, creativity and unique will follow with experience. As I look back, I must thank my teachers Daniel, Simone, Scott and Patrick who insisted that this would help me to grow professionally. I continue to be in touch with them for guidance.

Q: Describe your personal experience with these teachers.

UTR: Each one helps on a one-to-one basis and this is important for all students. My thoughts on each one are:

Daniel – Humble, level headed person and an excellent who will come after every half an hour to see how you are absorbing the technique and skill. he can make a hundred poses for student selfies.

Simone – She is a hard person to please but is extremely fast and highly skilled with her art

Scott – Very helpful and approachable person and gives a lot of attention to everyone during the classes

Placid – The master weaver of hair wizardry. Humble, extremely talented and skilled professional. His session on curly hairs with me as the muse is still my DP on all social media handles.

Patrick – Steve Jobs of the academy, the one who gives you the blues while you are there but in the end with the photo shoots and a final appreciation of your efforts are the biggest validation you yearn for as a DBA student.

Q:Tell us about the workshops and live photo shoots.

UTR: One of the reasons I consider DBA’ stop professional makeup courses in India, is the amazing photo shoot we get hands on experience. I learnt what goes behind the scenes of all those beautiful magazine covers we see at every newsstand or on an app. I am now trained to deliver a complete idea of a stylist, makeup artist for a photoshoot.

Q: Tell us more details regarding live photo shoots.

UTR: Some of the final shoots of students from DBA in New Delhi and Mumbai are absolutely stunning. We build a mood board that goes through scrutiny from Patrick. After brainstorming it comes to a final consensus. I am still most proud of them because they are the first ones and shot by the best photographer Meetesh TanejaI have worked with till date. He guides you through the photoshoots helps in fine-tuning to give the best output.

Q:After completion of course, what happens next?

UTR: I have done many collaboration and paid projects. The idea is to grasp every opportunity, every canvas to try your brushes and palettes. The experience makes you a better artist each time. Patrick standing instructions are always to “Do test shoots.” I was also invited to be a part of the DBA team for a charity event from the Falguni Shane peacock event. I got to do makeup for a few celebrity artists alone. It was an exciting opportunity to meet a few famous artists and understand their work. I do look forward to working with Daniel and Simone someday.

Q:So now are you a proud DBA alumina?

UTR: The best part of being a DBA student is that I am now a graduate from the ‘IIM of the makeup industry.’ Everyone knows and appreciates completion of a professional level course. I have the basics right and have done two minimum photo shoots at the academy to display my finished work. It adds muscle to the portfolio.

Q:Your last words, as you embark on a career.

UTR: As a girl in love with beauty and fashion, I am totally passionate about the environment in which I work. I love that I can empower clients with my skills and techniques. I hope to learn more in this exciting career as a thoroughbred artist by experimenting with the best products, people and celebrities. My ultimate dream is to work for top photo shoots of magazines like Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Harper Bazaar, Marie Claire.I like those because they are trendsetters and they don’t accept mediocrity. The mood board and the work to get to the shoots is phenomenal and once you are a DBA student, you can appreciate that.

Upsana has now moved on and is doing exciting work and collaborations with agencies like Toabh, Inega, Aura talents, Adore, Sparkles. She has also done a commercial of Pharmeasy with one of the leading Instagram influencers.